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Hi everyone,

Thank you for checking out our 'new look' newsletter. While it may look a bit different, it is our plan to include much of the same things you have come to enjoy from our regular updates.

We just passed the winter solstice here in Australia. Although it isn't warming up yet, it does mean that the days are starting to get longer and the sunsets a little later which is great. Conversely the sunrises are now getting earlier... Oh well, I do love what I do.

On Saturday night we held the opening of my latest solo show at  Zone Printing, 2/810 Hunter Street, Newcastle. We had a wonderful crowd of people that came to enjoy some of my art along with a glass or two of wine with a little cheese. Thank you to all my wonderful supporters who did make it, I really enjoyed your company.

I got lots of messages from people who couldn't make it, being school holidays made it tough for some. The good news is while there's no more wine and cheese, the art is there until the 31st July, 2015.

The gallery is open Monday to Friday, from 9am - 6pm and I will be there each Saturday 11am - 3pm. If you are travelling from afar drop me a note and let me know when you expect to arrive, I will do my best to meet you there.

Finally, if you can't make it but are keen still, everything in the exhibition and more is on sale and I have all these artworks grouped together right here. The sale is only on items in stock so once it sells then prices revert to normal again.

My great fan, Kim (my wife) and I.          Me chatting with Robert and Karen.

Opening night celebrations.

Over the last few weeks I have been reflecting on what I do. I hope that I create beautiful inspirational art but how do I help people?

What I hope to achieve is to help inspire others, to help people escape from the everyday, even if only for a moment. I capture breathtaking moments and magical places and bring them into peoples lives with the hope of inspiring and motivating the audience. 

We all spend a significant portion of our lives at work, with most of us in an office for 8-12 hours a day. We have moments where we lack inspiration and find ourselves staring at blank walls. Inspiration takes many forms but beautiful art can often transport us to another place.

Sometimes that is a memory, at other times it is an aspiration. I can bring Paris, New York, Prague and many more places into your office. For you, your team and your customers.

Email me today to book your free Inspiration Consultation in your office.

We hope to change lives one office at a time. 


I love sunrises, they are my favourite time of the day. Not all sunrises are created equally; some promise much but fail to deliver and others sometimes jump out and surprise you when you are least expecting it.
So how do you ensure that you can capture the best of a sunrise?
The short answer is get there early. How early? Watch my video from Newcastle last week.


If you want to sleep in best to find a sunset, there are never any sleep ins with a sunrise.


In the lead up and during my New York Exhibition we held a FREE giveaway. Last week I drew out Marty from Atlanta Georgia as the winner. He decided to upgrade his prize to an Art on Glass print of Sheltered Swimming Hole from Iceland and will be receiving that shortly. CONGRATULATIONS Marty.


I am lucky enough to have some amazing people that I work with personally and in my business. Someone I am honoured to call my friend is my Financial Advisor, Dan Walsh the Principal of Tailored Wealth.

Dan is a rare person in my book; he is unequivocally an investment nerd, he lives and breaths it. However Dan also has two qualities that I believe make him stand out from the pack.

1. His unquestionable integrity. I would trust Dan with my life.

2. He has the ability to explain even the most complex financial arrangements in simple language with the aid of his famous whiteboard to just about anyone. This is a rare talent.

Dan has a FREE giveaway on this month. 

Every person that refers someone to our team between now and then end of July will go in the draw to win a glass print from John Lechner Fine Art Prints. The work 'Serene Stones' is hanging in our office right now and it's a beautiful piece.

If you know of someone seeking financial advice. You know who to get them to call.

If you get in touch with Dan and his team, tell them I sent you and you will go into the draw instead of me (I don't need to win one of my print :D). Call them today on (02) 4933 6514.


UPDATED: We have now named it "Awakening". Thanks to Jonathon in Dallas, Texas who came up with the fantastic name. Big thanks to everyone who had a suggestion. I love your participation.

To finish up this latest update I wanted to show you my latest work. This is so hot off the press it hasn't even made it on the website yet, in fact I don't even have a name for it (maybe that's a good excuse for a competition). 

I will send my artist's proof to the person who nominates the name we choose for this new print. It was shot from Horseshoe Beach, Newcastle. For those not familiar with Newcastle, the headland in the frame is Nobbys. I'm sure there is plenty of fun that can be had with Nobbys in it. I will add the naming contest to our Facebook page to make it easy to enter or simply email me.

Name this new print! Taken at Nobbys Head, Newcastle.

Have a great day.


Traveller | Artist | Photographer

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