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Photography or art?

Bolwarra Golden Morning
Bolwarra Golden Morning, one of our beautiful artworks.

One of the most common complaints I see from fellow photographers, is that these days everyone thinks they are a photographer. As professionals we are competing against people with their phone, amateurs with cheap or even top of the line gear and other professionals.

There is some truth to that but as a professional there is so much more value you bring to your clients than just the digital file you create. Yes you can do some amazing photography with phones, from the ubiquitous iPhone to the many Androids and even some quality cameras posing as phones.

To create art and not just a photo, your equipment is irrelevant for a good part (though it can help). Timing, patience, eye and passion go into creating art.

Lines in the stone, a sandstone cave.

Whether you are shooting a wedding, a studio portraiture session or standing knee deep in the water as the tide comes in your work should speak for itself.

When we went into business we made some key decisions, many of which surprised a lot of my fellow photographers but we believed they were critical to creating great or even amazing art.

No.1 - I am not available to book my services. Yes I do the odd job, but I shoot what I want. I do not do portraiture and will NOT do weddings. I can recommend a bunch of amazing wedding photographers if you need one but it's not me.

No.2 - We have a premium product, we use an amazing paper. I pay very good money to my printer and my framer. I do not chase discounts with online specials at whatever lab tickles my fancy. I use one lab and one framer. They do every bit of my work. WHY?

My customers invest from $500 up to several thousand dollars for a single print. The quality and finish must be impeccable EVERY SINGLE TIME.

No.3 - We produce artworks, not photos. We live by our goal 'bringing breathtaking moments and magical places to you' and we do this by creating the highest quality photographic artworks we can. We don't sell cheap photos. There are hundreds of photographers, many very good that will sell you a cheap photo. We have high quality beautiful photographic artworks, framed and ready to hang.

Take Bolwarra Golden Morning for example. Every day I drive past this spot, day and night, morning and evening. I have seen it like the shot at the top of the page ONCE, I captured it in a way that I have created an artwork.

Recently I stopped at the same spot and took a photo of it the way I see it regularly. I used my iPhone, no doubt its a photo not an artwork. I aimed to capture the best possible shot I could at this particular time but there is no way this could be considered an artwork.

Not even close....

At John Lechner Fine Art Prints we proudly proclaim that we create art. I consider myself an artist and while I do take photographs, I pride myself on creating artworks. I hope you agree.

Yours in fine art,



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