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Local business, supporting our community and each other

Reach, Hunter Valley Australia - one of the latest editions to our Open Edition collection.


I am passionate about buying local and supporting businesses in the Hunter and Newcastle region. This extends from my everyday groceries and produce, through to printing, mounting and framing my fine art prints.


In addition, many of our customers are also local businesses, from our first ever fine art print customer Kim and Darren from Aussie Maitland Mortgage Brokers to our most recent Alicia from Urban Living Solutions. Small businesses working together can multiply the effect we have on the local community. Local businesses mean local jobs.


Some local business I support on a regular basis;

Sally and Patricks handpicked fruit and veg

Sally and Patricks - handpicked fruit and vegetables delivered straight to our door every week. I had seen the Sally & Patricks delivery van for many years but last year after checking out their distribution centre and leaving with a sample of their beautiful fruit, I was hooked. Now every week we get a customised box of fruit, veg, eggs and more on our doorstep. The quality and freshness needs to be seen to be believed.

The Twilight Castle Prague

The Twilight Castle Prague, shot on a trip booked by italktravel Maitland

italktravel Maitland – for many years now the team at italktravel Maitland have looked after my travel bookings for personal travel. Now I travel for my work, capturing breathtaking moments and magical places from around the world. My first stop has always been italktravel when I start planning a trip. Since I started using them they too have grown. The team from Maitland, also operate the stores at Rutherford, Newcastle West and The Junction.

Yellow Coaching - yes I have a coach, a business coach. Why? Every elite athlete needs a coach to stay at the top of their game. Same applies in business, to push boundaries, break records and set sky high dreams you need to be the best you can be and to be pushed as hard as you can. Thats why we use Yellow as our coaches.

Neon Zoo - our branding was developed by the fantastic team at Neon Zoo. Honestly when we made the decision to develop not just a logo but a brand there was no one else considered. I had worked with Neon Zoo before and it was an absolute no brainer when it came to developing our brand. Of course when we developed the sub brand for the Iceland Collection, Neon Zoo were back on the job.

For my fine art prints having a great relationship with my printer and framer is paramount.

Zone Printing (formerly Beaumont Photo Image) – Mark and Chin from Zone Printing have been my printers for a couple of years now. I am very fussy about the product I sell, we offer a premium product so it must be perfect. I only use them for printing and we only use Breathing Colour's Elegance Velvet 100% cotton art rag for my fine art prints. 

The Framing Game - Karen, Meg and Peter from The Framing Game do amazing work to ensure my photos are perfectly matched with a complementary frame and mat. They have exceptionally high standards too and won't let a print be completed if there is anything wrong. I was in France throughout the printing and framing process for my Iceland Collection, which included 27 pieces in total. I slept easy knowing both were in the best of hands while I was away.

I can't finish this blog without mentioning my amazing team from BNI. BNI Express is my most trusted and close network of suppliers, customers and business partners. They are always my go to for advice, support and so much more. I know there is no way my dreams, goals and plans would be where they are without my team at BNI Express, last year our team of over 40 local businesses turned over in excess of $3 million in business through referrals.

I’d love to hear, what local businesses are you passionate about supporting?

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog there are many local businesses that are our customers, you never know when you are going to see one of my prints pop up. Of course you can have one hanging in your office for as little as $495 framed. Call or email me today and I can pop in with a few and we can find one that suits your decor best.

Yours in fine art,



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