Where in the world am I?

I’m currently in Normandy, France as the Australian Team Photographer for the World Equestrian Games 2014.

Week one of competition is complete and team Australia has competed in five disciplines over five separate venues.

During week one I managed to catch all of our para-equestrians in action, most of our reining team and some of our dressage. While I didn't make it to the endurance competition (as it was over 100km away and on the same day as four other competitions) I did get to meet and shoot the team at their base camp earlier in the week.

Over the few days I have focused on our eventing team. To watch all five riders complete the toughest cross country track I have ever seen without a jumping penalty, was a proud moment.

This upcoming week we have three more sports including showjumping, vaulting (think gymnastics on the back of a cantering horse) and driving.

Driving consists of four horses pulling a carriage through three separate phases. A bit like eventing but with far more horsepower. This is the event I'm really looking forward too.

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 Above: hanging out with WWPB Australian para-dressage mount for Jo Formosa.

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