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Our prize giveaway - you could win a framed and mounted 30 inch Limited Edition Fine Art Print of The Twilight Castle

Win The Twilight Castle
Kyle and Ethan with the guaranteed prize, one-of-a-kind proof print of The Twilight Castle.


On Friday I head to Amsterdam with my final destination in Iceland. While in Iceland it will be me, my cameras and a camper-van. Honestly I am excited. But while I am away I have something special for all my supporters. 

We are running our first ever promotion. Initially the prize was to give away the 18 inch proof print held by Kyle and Ethan above. This proof print is roughly half the size of the standard 30 inch print that I sell for $995, but this proof print has no price tag as I don't sell them at this size. Instead it is yours free.

No matter what we will give away the 18 inch proof print of "The Twilight Castle" shot in Prague it features the beautiful Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Honestly until you see this print in the flesh you can't fathom how beautiful it really is.

But, here's the twist. We want to increase our Facebook fans to 2,500. Why? Simple statistics. For a page like mine less than 15% of my supporters will see any single post, so when I have 600 fans on average 90 see any given post. If we get up to 2,500 reality is that nearly 400 people will see each post.

So here's where I would like your help.

  • Chances are you already "Like" John Lechner Fine Art Prints on Facebook? If not please do.
  • To enter the competition you must click through the link to the App (Woobox), then click the box to enter. It really is that easy. (But the critical part is we are running the competition using an App, which is the safest way to do it so I don't get banned, it also ensure we can actually do a random draw for the winner.)
  • Finally, here is the critical thing.
  • We will only give away the framed Limited Edition Fine Art Print valued at $1,250 if we reach 2,500 Facebook likes. 
  • So please help by sharing the link, after you enter you will get your own personalised link. Every time one of your friends enters via your link you get 5 bonus entries. So, by getting your friends to enter you get 5 bonus entries each time. Win Win.

 So thank you and good luck.

If we get to 2,500 Facebook likes we will give away this Limited Edition Fine Art Print of The Twilight Castle valued at $1,250.


I am off to shoot some of the amazing landscapes in Iceland and will be back at the beginning of June.

Thank you 




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