Countdown to Iceland

My Iceland map planning

When you read this I will have less than 12 days until I begin my trip to Iceland. For me this will be a seminal trip, the whole of this trip is about photography. I hope it will help to define me as a travelling photographer, produce a portfolio of images that include art prints, travel pics and stock pics.

Ultimately we will judge this trip on the strength of the art prints for that is the direction we wish to take our business. But there is much to do, see and experience while on this remote and somewhat barren island.

I begin the trip in Amsterdam. The key reason for a stopover is that Sydney to Reykjavik works out as 34 hours including stopovers in Singapore and Amsterdam, 40 hours if you include my travel from home in the Hunter Valley.  So in reality it isn't a sane nor feasible travel plan. 

Instead I have opted for two nights in Amsterdam, I have a lovely little studio apartment I found on airbnb that is walking distance from the centre of Amsterdam. I intend to have a quiet couple of days enjoying some relaxed shooting. I will be there for the end of the tulip season so plan to head out to Keukenhof, it is the final weekend it is open.

I also plan on shooting the canals at night. But really this will probably be the only time I will have to take it a bit easy during my trip.

After the weekend in Amsterdam I fly into Iceland late Monday afternoon. I have basically finalised my shot list and have a game plan. The game plan means I hope to get to all the places on my shot list. I will start at Kirkjufell, which is quite near to where the Greenland bar scene from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was filmed.

The Greenland, Iceland, Afghanistan and Himalayan scenes from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty were all filmed in Iceland, I should get to many of the spots in the film.

But after that I head for the golden circle, then the south coast of Iceland. These areas are where the highest concentration of show stoppers are. That also means they will be busy with tourists. But hopefully still being off season it should be quiet. If I run out of time I won't make it to the north but I really want to get up to Mývatn so hopefully I will have the time.

With the horrible times for sunset and sunrise I plan to sleep during the day and work through the night. My plan is start my day in the early afternoon, shoot through the night with perhaps a short nap in the darkest hours but then work through the early morning before having breakfast somewhere warm and then sleeping.

For transport I opted on a camper from Happy Campers, the Happy 1. Perfect for me to eat and sleep wherever I need to during the trip. The flexibility of the camper is perfect for a solo trip like this I can sleep anywhere. In all likelihood I will climb in for a nap when the weather turns or when I am just too tired to carry on.

My shot is also flexible to allow for the very changeable weather. They say if you don't like the weather in Iceland, wait five minutes. 

My shot list includes:

        • ice beaches
        • black sands
        • glaciers
        • waterfalls
        • ice caves (hopefully)
        • thermal baths
        • caves
        • volcanos

I know right now I won't finish it but I will have a crack and if the weather is kind to me then I may get close. Either way this won't be my last trip to Iceland. During my trip I won't be blogging much. To see what I am up to follow me on Instagram or Facebook.

As for the countdown I have an App for that.

Until next time.




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