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Karlův most Praha (Charles Bridge Prague) - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
This is Karlův most Praha (Charles Bridge Prague) on the Breathing Colour Elegance Velvet paper, honest a photo doesn't do it justice. Ironic I know.

This week we have launched three new Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, our plan was for two as we needed two but we have three, this is why.

The plan was always to add two in time for our really busy May. During May we have two exhibitions we will feature in. The first at Tocal Field Days, a massive agricultural show, and not the first place you expect to see art but there are tens of thousands of people that pass through the three days so it will be a great opportunity. In essence the Field Days are a promo for the 3 Village Art Festival which is on 24 and 25 May. 

The 3 Village Art Festival was conceived by locals to showcase some of the amazing artists in the Paterson Valley, the Hunter Valley, NSW and Australia. There are some brilliant artists featured including locals Natalie Jane Parker and John Bradley. Photographers will also be well represented with David Oliver, Peter Eastway and me amongst the ranks. I am excited for this opportunity.

Thirdly, in May we have donated the No.1 Edition of Lone Tree to The Mai-Wel Group, my employer (yes I have a day job). Lone Tree will be used to help raise money for Mai-Wel at the Annual Gala Ball on May 10. So May is jam packed with opportunities to promote our Fine Art Prints.

Lone tree - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
No.1 Edition of Lone Tree, donated to The Mai-Wel Group.

That's why we decided to add two. The first one was an easy pick as it had been on my short list since day one. However, when we selected the pieces for the launch collection we went with all local shots. 

Karlův most Praha (Charles Bridge Prague) was shot in late May last year when I had a few days in Prague en-route to Poland for an equestrian event. I fell in love with Prague, it is without doubt the most beautiful city I have visited. For me Prague trumps, Paris, London, Rome, Venice, Nice, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, all the great cities of Europe. Friends that have been elsewhere tell me that only Budapest trumps Prague.

Honestly after just a few days in Prague I feel in love, I would like to go back for a more in-depth trip so maybe I do a Prague-Budapest double header in 2015???

So Karlův most Praha was an easy choice. When we pick new Limited Edition prints we have a multistage process. The first is to choose those we like best on the screen, ones we think have appeal. Then we select a shortlist to be printed on the beautiful Breathing Colour Elegance Velvet paper we use. It is a 310gsm fine art paper made from 100% cotton fibre. Honestly it is just beautiful. So we print a shortlist in a smaller size to test colour, ensure I haven't missed anything in post processing and also to see which prints suit the medium the best.

The second new Limited Edition was an easy choice as the oranges, golds and blues just jump out at you in Bird's Eye View. It takes your breath away so that was an easy choice.

Bird's Eye View - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
Bird's Eye View on Breathing Colour Elegant Velvet (again a photograph of the print doesn't do it justice)


Finally we printed a couple of extra Prague prints with the plan to add both possibly in May. But when we saw The Twilight Castle Prague on paper, we made the decision immediately that it had to be added early. The Twilight Castle Prague looks almost like a watercolour painting in parts. The mixed elements of the water and people on Charles Bridge give an ethereal feel but then the strength of the Castle in the lights up on the top of the hill with the moody clouds and then the detail in the lesser town in between. I just love it and I may have to keep one for myself.

The Twilight Castle Prague - Limited Edition Fine Art Print
The Twilight Castle Prague on Breathing Colour Elegant Velvet, just beautiful.

While all this is going on in May I am preparing to head off on my next shoot, I am in Amsterdam for a couple of days before heading to Iceland for 11 days of shooting the magical landscapes of Iceland. So as you can see it will be busy, exciting and hopefully the month for our new venture to really hit its straps.

Lots to do in the meantime to prepare.




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