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Travel plans......

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic from my trip last year

It's no secret I love to travel, I need to travel. I have a couple of trips locked in for later this year. My next is to Iceland, I will have about 10 days, just me in a camper van travelling this small island Nation with my cameras. Iceland is a country with some of the most stark and beautiful landscapes you can imagine. To have the privilege to see a lot of it up close is exciting.

So anyway I am heading there in May, it is my present to me for my 40th birthday and of course from Kim who suggested a trip, though in fairness she suggested New Zealand, I stretched it to Iceland. I will have two nights in Amsterdam on the way over and one on the way back as none of the flights connect up and otherwise I would be stuck in an airport for 14 odd hours. Might as well make the most of transiting through Amsterdam, it is in my top five most beautiful cities visited. 

I am looking forward to getting back to Amsterdam, last time I was there was 2002 and then it was for work completely unrelated to photography so I can't wait.

My "To Do List" for Iceland is growing daily now and I need to refine it, I plan on transferring most of it to a topographical map so it is easier for me when I am on the road. I have the cutest little camper booked, it's called a Happy Camper 1. Everything I need to travel around the country and shoot lots of great shots.

People have asked me, why Iceland? Isn't it cold? But there's no trees and so much more. The simple answer is Iceland is a photographer's wet dream, crass I know, but it is true. The landscapes in Iceland are extreme, from waterfalls, ice on beaches with black sand to volcanoes, hot springs and so much more. It will be cold but May is the end spring so it will be a little colder than the depths of a Hunter Valley winter but it will be so worth it. I can't wait anyhow.

The other trip I have booked in a actually a bit of an announcement that I can finally tell everyone now that the paperwork is all locked in. I am going to France, but specifically to Normandy for the World Equestrian Games (WEG), as the Australian Team Photographer. I will be part of the Aussie Team which will be represented in all eight of the WEG sports and capturing images from an Aussie point of view. I am very proud that my application was accepted amongst the great photographers that applied for the role. I enjoy working with the Equestrian Australia Team and am really excited that I will be able to keep the Aussie fans informed about the Games through my photos.

The Games are centred around Caen which is in western France across to the beaches of Normandy so the landscapes should be stunning too, might have time to shoot one or two. Oh, and as I have to fly through Paris I've arranged to spend a couple of days in Paris so I can do a little shooting.

I'm excited, chasing the dream and making it happen.

Until next time.






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