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Drop everything and run out the door

An opportunity turns golden
When I see the right light, I drop everything.
As a photographer, you can plan shots, plan outings to shoot, pack your gear, check it twice do everything in your power to make sure you have all the right elements to shoot a great shot. But you can't plan to have great light. It happens when you least expect it. It fails to happen when you want it the most and frustratingly it can just be plain awful even when you travel across the globe to chase it.
This morning I had cooked Kim's breakfast and had just started to ready mine for the pan, just an omelette but it is a favourite breakfast for me. Anyhow as I was whisking the eggs, I looked up and out our back door which is wide and all glass.
I put the eggs down, turned off the stove, said to Kim "gotta go" and grabbed my camera bag. I was in the car less than a minute later and heading down the hill to a spot where I knew there was a great view and a "shot". These days when I shoot I am looking for one shot, not ten or even five. Just one, but one that can become the next John Lechner Fine Art Prints Limited Edition. Is this it, I don't know but it will join the short list despite it being the same spot as Bolwarra Golden Morning as it is very different, to me the cows complete the shot.
How do I find the light, I don't know it just happens. But my business coach says its something else "your reticular activating system". You know when you decide to buy a new car, you choose it and then you suddenly see them around you every day. Well I guess that's how I see light. I always have my camera bag with me, in the car, on the street or at home, it is always close.
When I see the light the next challenge is to get quickly to a spot that celebrates the light but also includes an element to complete the shot. In the shot above, it is the cows and the tree. So every day when I am out and about or just working in my kitchen I am looking at the light and then if it is just right I try to find a way to celebrate it in an image. 
Have a great weekend.

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