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A beautiful morning at Caves Beach

Getting up for a sunrise shoot is always a toss of the coin, mostly I am up about 3:30am and roughly an hour's drive from my shoot location. I do research beforehand working out the best spot to be, tides, weather and sunrise time. 

Even so you never know, sometimes until an hour after sunrise as to weather you got it. I headed out to Caves Beach with a particular shot in mind. I knew to do it the tide and sunrise needed to correlate and hope that the sky, particularly the clouds were going to play ball.

Honestly I had almost lost hope that the shot I had planned was going to eventuate. I was ready to come back the next day to try again. Just as I was thinking this the light change and it all happened very quickly.

The final result is one I am very happy with and I could not have expected the reaction it got on Facebook, it went ballistic, I am a very happy man. This is the final result and is available for sale as both a Limited Edition Fine Art Print and a Limited Edition Art on Glass. Only 50 will ever be produced so a lucky few will get to bring the magic into their home.

Eye of morning, Caves Beach AustraliaEye of morning, Caves Beach Australia Limited Edition of 50

Thankfully I brought Millie with me and after I got the shot I quickly raced to the carpark and switched bags so Millie could help tell the story.  20 minutes of footage and a minor crash, don't worry Millie is fine and here we have a video for you, enjoy.

If you love the new print and the video, please pay me compliment of sharing it with your friend and family.

We have a special upgrade price available only until Midnight on Sunday 7 February so if you want to buy don't hesitate.

Thank you



I love my job :D

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