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What's the best way to increase productivity?

What's the best way to increase productivity?

By John Lechner

Can you hack your way to better productivity for your team?

There are lots of hacks to improving productivity. But there is a sure fire way to increase productivity in the long term and lower costs at the same time.

Focus on real ways you can improve the happiness of your team.

Sounds like BS I know but there is solid data and research to back it up.

Firstly lets start with the downsides.

  • Unhappy employees [1] are 10% less productive, some argue this number is too low.
  • Only 13% of staff are fully engaged in their work. [2]
  • More sick days, unhappy employees take 10x more sick days than happy employees. [3]

The Bonuses of Happiness

  • More productive when happy, up to 37% more productive. [4]
  • Imagine if you took your team from 13% productivity to double that at 26% or double again at 52%. You can multiply your results.
  • Less sick days.
  • More creative team.
  • Better sales results.
  • Happy salespeople produce 37% greater sales

Happiness is a result of culture, you need to demonstrate you care, It isn’t a quick fix. There are simple and easy things to start you on your journey.

Think about providing free healthy snacks like fruit. Tea and coffee are important too and not just the cheap stuff. Supplying free quality espresso coffee saves you money. Have you thought about how much time your team spends ducking away to the cafe down the road for a coffee.

Think about the office environment. People want to work in a places that looks and feels great. Bring live plants into the office, put art on the walls.

Think about your team rewards, do you say thank you every day for a great effort, an extra step taken by a team member. People want to know you care.

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Have an awesome day!

John Lechner
The Office Art Specialist


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