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Tips to save business thousands in video production

Tips to save business thousands in video production

By John Lechner

These tips will save you thousands $$ in your business.

It's a simple reality today that if you are running a small business you need to be on social media. It doesn't matter if you don't like social media, have a problem with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you are not on social you are missing out on business to your competitors.

But as the platforms get more sophisticated it gets even harder to get any traction, particularly on Facebook which is by far the biggest and the most important platform for you to be on.

Videos are essential for small business

The BEST way to get any traction on Facebook is by regularly posting videos. In reality if you can post videos daily it will make a huge difference to the exposure you get on Facebook.

But how do you record videos, quickly, cheaply and in high enough quality that people will not only want to watch them but also share them within their own networks.

Obviously having a great subject and knowing your material helps a huge amount. But you also need some tools to ensure you get quality every time.

In this video I walk you through two key tools that will make a huge difference to the quality of your videos.
Need to get your hands on the selfie stick head or the Rode VideoMic Me? Here are the links in the video.

Resources to create great videos for your business!

These tools will really make it easy for you to produce great videos very quickly every day. If you are looking for a tripod but don;t just want a cheap tripod. I can highly recommend the Manfrotto BeFree, I did a quick review on it a few months ago HERE.

I look forward to seeing the videos you produce and if you would know more about how I help small business owners create more productive and profitable workspaces then book your free consultation TODAY call 0449 105 295 or email john@johnlechnerart.com.au.

Have a great day.


John Lechner
Art | Travel | Photography

PS: Want to see what Forbes had to say about how art in the workplace has an important role? Check it out HERE.

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