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Why have beautiful landscapes in your life?

Buying art of any kind is a personal journey. Sometimes a single piece speaks to us instantly, it's love at first sight. Other times we fall in love slowly building a relationship over time with the art.

Personally, while I believe in love at first sight, for most of us it only happens once or twice in our lives. 

But we do build many wonderful relationships over time as we get to know people. If you like my art I would love to get to know your more.

Likewise, I would like you to get to know me as an artist, what I am passionate about, why I do what I do and why I create my art.

If I can help you, I'd like to do that too. 

I have created some free training to help you be more confident with your camera, especially when you travel. If you are interested in that then head on over to and get started. I am always here to help.

If you are just interested in my art and how having beautiful imagery in your life can provide inspiration, motivation and relaxation, then lets stay in touch. I'd love to learn more about you. 


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